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Decade of Innovation at CCNMTL: 1999-2009

During March the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The Center opened its doors ten years ago to promote the purposeful use of new media and technology in education. This website captures moments from the Center's first decade and thoughts from our friends and partners. more...


A brief history of the Center.
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CCNMTL's 10 Anniversary Slideshow

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Guest Book

The founding members of CCNMTL opened up the wonder of an entirely new teaching and learning universe to me in 1999 and I marvel still that the CCNMTL team continues to research new ideas for the benefit of us all.

To bring the wonders of the virtual world to traditional teaching and learning created a special breed of technical and pedagogical specialists, who have to be both educators and a technologists, who have to be endowed with penetrating understanding and analytical patience, and inspiring the same curiosity that lead him or herself to engage in both technical and practitioner's worlds.

The team that serves as a critical link between the technical world and my day-to-day classroom activities is headed by Dan Beeby. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Dan and his team. In addition, other former members of his team, including Raymond Cha, Ben Johnson and Craig Bolton who, in each of their individual ways assisted are the Hall of the Famers!

Of course, in celebrating CCNMTL’s 10th anniversary, I am also commemorating my association with the world that they brought me into.

Adopting their new technology in classroom teaching has had an immeasurable impact on not just instructors’ teaching, but also students’ learning. It brings the instructor and learner together like never before.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I enjoyed working with the CCNMTL staff on the website about Tierno Bokar, the twentieth century West African Sufi mystic, and the Peter Brook production of a play about his life. I also used the Center to improve my classroom teaching.

Congratulations to the talented staff of CCNMTL on a most productive decade! Without your assistance in developing the Image Annotation Tool, our virtual microscopy laboratory project would not have been possible. Over the years you have continued to improve the IAT to make it a truly helpful tool for our students. The combination of technical skill and devotion to teaching makes the Center a great resource for the Columbia community. I hope you will continue to contribute to our educational environment for many years to come.

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