Why CCNMTL Developers like Firefox

Firefox 3.5 is just released today. Download it now!

Especially for our more public projects, we aim to support all of the most popular web browsers. However, our favorite browser is Firefox. When development time is short, or we have a controlled environment, we will default to requiring Firefox.

Why? Generally many of our projects go like this. We develop an application in a couple of weeks or months. It works perfectly in Firefox. Making it work in Safari is often a small tweak, at most, taking an hour or so. But for Internet Explorer, we often need
a full extra week or more to solve all the program and style problems that appear.

As developers, Firefox has some incredible extensions, without which modern web development would be impossible. The most common ones we use are Firebug , LiveHTTPHeaders , and WebDeveloper .

For users, Firefox is also the best browser. In academic life we can use powerful
extensions like Zotero . Because it's fast , we can design more demanding applications on the web. Because it supports SVG, Canvas and the video tag we can make more powerful applications for analyzing images and video.