Drupal Multisite Manager

After some prodding from the community, I've finally published Drupal module Multisite Manager 6.x-1.0. I originally developed this module to fill a sweet spot that was missing at CCNMTL two years ago--allowing our Educational Technologists to just click a button to be able to create a new site to prototype content, or experiment with Drupal's features. Drupal is a great platform that makes this possible, but then allows a developer to add features later--significantly, after content and some site architecture has been worked out.

At CCNMTL for small projects, we're using more hosted solutions and specific tools like Wikispaces and Wordpress MU, rather than general CMSs like Drupal and Plone.

Our farm is still on Drupal 5.x, and it seems migration is near impossible due to module dependencies and unclear upgrade paths. Nonetheless, it wasn't clear at the time this would always be the case.

So when Drupal 6.0 came out, I upgraded the code to work for Drupal 6.0. We do not use this code ourselves, so I wasn't very confident about it's usefulness; I left it marked as development branch. This hasn't stopped it from getting about three hundred downloads a week. It seems my concern about bugs was unwarranted in this case.

Even though we don't use it ourselves, at the time, it was still the easiest way to see the differences between Drupal 5 and Drupal 6. Now Drupal 7 is coming, and I can't think of a better way to keep tabs on the community besides just writing some code, and seeing how it does.