Eight project kiosks will be presented in the Low Library Rotunda. Faculty and CCNMTL educational technologists will discuss and demonstrate projects in an informal setting. Conference participants can learn about successes as well as opportunities for improvement. The kiosks will be arranged in quadrants of the Rotunda, loosely organized by discipline.

North East Quadrant: The Arts and Humanities
Projects: Midnight's Children (MSE), Malcolm X, Sonic Glossary, Deconstructor, Radio Broadcast CMS, Director's Notebook, Music Plagiarism

South East Quadrant: Health Sciences
Projects: HeartSim, Epiville, VirTech in Dentistry, Nursing Palm Project, Foot Anatomy (Curriculum Design Studio)

South West Quadrant: Education and Languages
Projects: VITAL, Third Space, Student Portfolios

North West Quadrant: Sciences and Social Sciences
Projects: Brownfield Action, OPTIMUS, Frontiers of Science, Poles Together

In addition to the project kiosks, a couple of booths will feature the work of The School at Columbia University and products from the conference corporate sponsor, Apple Computer.