For the past four years, CCNMTL has partnered with faculty in the design, development, and assessment of projects that enhance the Columbia educational experience. To quote from Provost Jonathan Cole's opening remarks at our 2001 conference, CCNMTL seeks to make our "great teachers greater." To do this, CCNMTL uses the paradigm of design research that allows development to proceed apace but in a reflective context.

The goal of this New Media in Education Conference is to share our experiences from the last two years and stimulate a dialogue about best pedagogical practices and future possibilities. We seek an audience of faculty, instructors, librarians, technologists, and other interested individuals to join the discussion.

Three faculty panels will serve as the focal point of the conference. Each 90-minute panel will present examples that highlight an educational approach. A number of kiosks will be available for more individualized project demonstrations by faculty and CCNMTL staff. Lastly, hands-on training sessions will be scheduled for interested attendees.


Faculty Panels
Faculty panels are grouped by a common educational approach to a specific technology. Each panelist will briefly demonstrate their project and then the panel will entertain questions from the audience. Frank Moretti, Executive Director of CCNMTL will introduce and moderate the panels.

Project Kiosks
Eight project kiosks will be presented in the Rotunda. Faculty and educational technologists will discuss and demonstrate projects in an informal setting. Conference participants will learn about successes as well as opportunities for improvement. In addition to the project kiosks, one booth will feature the work of The School at Columbia University and a second booth will feature products from Apple Computer. Apple Computer is the vendor conference sponsor.

Training Sessions
Hands-on training sessions will be available for interested attendees. Training sessions will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis and will be limited to 12 participants.