Breakout Session: Technology for Any Teaching Style

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

1754 Board Room

Description: This session will consist of a conversation about teaching style and effectiveness in today's university classroom. The two poles of instruction, sometimes summarized as "Sage on the Stage" and "Guide on the Side", represent two ends of a spectrum. The former is more traditional, casting the instructor as the main holder of information and also the main instrument of its dissemination, typically via lecture and carefully led discussion. The latter is what is becoming more popular in contemporary teaching, sometimes considered an "inverted approach" to instruction in which student-led discovery is the primary driver of the educational experience. Both styles (and everything in between) can be effective in the classroom, and this breakout session will present how different kinds of educational technology can enhance your teaching regardless of what styles you tend to embrace.

Session Presenters

Michael Cennamo, Educational Technologist, CCNMTL
Tucker Harding, Educational Technologist, CCNMTL