About the Conference

Digital technology is sweeping Columbia and all educational institutions, fundamentally changing the way universities operate. At Columbia, there are many digital media projects taking hold in all corners and while no one conference can capture all of this activity, it can attempt to provide a window into the promise of these efforts. We are hopeful that the "Moving Education Into the 21st Century With New Media" conference will do just that.

The conference aims to provide a two part look at digital technologies at Columbia. The morning session will consist of four presentations, covering a wide range of disciplines, focusing on compelling and innovative projects developed at Columbia that have transformed the classroom experience. Each presentations will consist of a detailed demonstration and will end with a brief question and answer period.

The afternoon session will focus on the University's efforts to go beyond its walls. An introductory session will feature the CEOs of Digital Knowledge Ventures, the organization that is the interface between the market and the University, and Fathom, the University's knowledge portal. The demonstrations to follow are a sampling of projects that have been identified as having a commercial potential.

The afternoon will conclude with conference participants having an opportunity to visit a number of kiosks for a hands-on view of selected projects. Please visit the conference information desk for kiosk information.

Conference Organizers:
  Kathleen Madden, CCNMTL Outreach Manager, kmadden@columbia.edu, 212 854-0205
  Maurice Matiz, CCNMTL Co-Executive Director, maurice@columbia.edu, 212 854-2665
  Frank Moretti, CCNMTL Executive Director, fmoretti@columbia.edu, 212 854-1962

Conference MC:
  Dr. John Zimmerman, CCNMTL Associate Director

About the Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL)

The Center for New Media Teaching and Learning is committed to advancing the purposeful use of new media and digital technologies in the educational programs of Columbia University. CCNMTL is committed to extending the population of involved faculty by providing a broad range of access to new media technology: workshops, forums, individual consultations, as well as ongoing and sustaining support in the development of projects. By building "visible heuristics," that is, projects in collaboration with faculty to act as demonstrations and explorations of pedagogical and curricular possibility CCNMTL expands and defines technology models at Columbia University.