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9:30 AM Welcoming Remarks
  Jonathan R. Cole, Provost, Columbia University
9:45 AM Opening Remarks
  Frank Moretti, Executive Director, CCNMTL
"New Media and the Transformation of Education"


Pedagogy and Technology:
The morning session will feature a sampler of projects demonstrating how faculty at Columbia have used various technologies and applied them to their curricula.
10:15 AM Digital Study Environments: The Souls of Black Folk MMT
Showcase:The Multimedia Template
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  Manning Marable, Director, African-American Studies Program and Professor, Department of History, Columbia University
Marc Meyer, Project Manager, CCNMTL
10:45 AM Simulations: Virtual Worlds and the Power of the Story
Showcase:Brownfield Action v2.0
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  Peter Bower, Senior Instructor, Department of Environmental Sciences, Barnard College, Columbia University
Ryan Kelsey, Project Manager, CCNMTL
11:15 AM Media: Delivering Content for Music Humanities
Showcase:The Sonic Glossary
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  Ian Bent, Anne Parsons Bender Professor of Music, Columbia University
Kristen Sosulski, Educational Technologist, CCNMTL
11:45 AM Third Space: Online Case Studies
Showcase:Third Space
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  Denise Burnette, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Columbia University
Tazuko Shibusawa, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Columbia University
Dave VanEsselstyn, Project Manager, CCNMTL
12:30-1:00 PM      LUNCH BREAK


1:00 PM Reflections
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  Raphael Kasper, Associate Vice Provost of Columbia University
Columbia's Larger Learning Community:
Articulations Into the Market Place

The afternoon sessions will focus on initiatives at Columbia University that have both internal and external utility and will begin with an overview from the two organizations charged with transforming Columbia into a global university.
1:15 PM Quality on the Web
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  Todd Hardy, CEO, Digital Knowledge Ventures (DKV)
Ann Kirschner, CEO, Fathom
1:45 PM E-seminars as a New Modality: "Pops," Out Here in the Cause of Happiness
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  Robert G. O'Meally, Director, The Center for Jazz Studies, and Zora Neale Hurston Professor of Literature, Columbia University
Frank Moretti, Executive Director, CCNMTL
2:15 PM Anatomy and Cell Biology: The Curriculum Design Studio
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  Todd Hardy, CEO, Digital Knowledge Ventures (DKV)
Pat Molholt, Assistant Vice President, Associate Dean, Office of Scholarly Research, Columbia University Health Sciences Division.
Richard T. Ambron, Professor, Department of Anatomy ad Cell Biology, Columbia University Health Sciences Division.
Demonstration Kiosks:
A number of kiosks will be available for conference participants to have a hands-on look at projects presented during the conference sessions and others not presented.
2:30 - 4:00 PM      Demonstration kiosks