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Digital Learning Communities: Democracy Through Education

Partner(s): Robbie McClintock - Teachers College

Digital Learning Communities: Promoting Democracy Through Education shows how the work of educators can be transformational. As we renew our progressive bond with posterity, we must recognize the power of digital communications, and discover and invent ways to use all our resources to help posterity achieve more coherent, momentous measures of worth.

Robbie McClintock has created a Web-based learning experience that draws on his experience as a teacher, intellectual historian, and educational theorist. He has developed a stimulating e-seminar that provides a roadmap to the future of education. For McClintock, the city can act as educator and agent of positive change. The continuous presence of a high-quality electronic "Education Zone" greatly supports natural educational conditions. In the past, the school has contained the educational program. Henceforth, the educational program will contain the school as well as the home and the community.

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Status: Active

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