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Personalized Lifelong Learning Plans for Dentists

Partner(s): John Zimmerman - College of Dental Medicine

Supported by a grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE), the Personal Lifelong Learning Project (PL3P) serves as a portal for post-graduate dental residents in the Advanced Education and General Dentistry, General Practice Residency, and Graduate Prosthodontics programs at Columbia. The goal of the project is to coach residents in lifelong learning strategies that can be continued for professional development beyond their formal studies. PL3P provides electronic tools that promote active learning and reflection, including reflective blogs, learning plans and electronic portfolios in which residents are expected to provide evidence of their learning. The PL3P approach requires the dental resident to take an active role in his own training by developing personalized learning plans to meet his individual needs.

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Status: Active

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