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Virtual Microscopy

Partner(s): Patrice Spitalnik - College of Physicians and Surgeons

In fall 2007, first-year students in the Sciences Basic to the Practice of Medicine and Dentistry (SBPMD) course participated in a pilot program to test a new virtual microscopy solution that could change the way medical and dental students learn about tissues. In addition to viewing glass slides with traditional microscopes, students now have access to the SPBMD Online Laboratory Manual, a Web-based interface that allows them to view high-resolution histological slides online.

CCNMTL collaborated with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Dean of Scholarly Resources, and the CUMC campus network group to create the online manual, and to coordinate the installation and configuration of the technology, created by Aperio, a company specializing in digital pathology management systems. As CUMC investigates the possibility of moving towards a more comprehensive virtual microscopy solution, CCNMTL is committed to supporting the implementation and evaluation of these technologies.

Access: Public
Status: Active

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