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New York Neighborhoods Wiki

Partner(s): Ken Jackson - Department of History

The New York Neighborhoods Project wiki is an online collection of student-produced research about New York City neighborhoods. The wiki was produced for Professor Kenneth Jackson's class entitled, The History of the City of New York. This project, which was developed by CCNMTL and Professor Jackson, allows students to create neighborhood analyses of different places in New York City. The analyses are based upon original student research, and incorporate maps, data, images, walking tours, and interviews.

The New York Neighborhoods Wiki contains Google mapping technologies that allow students to mark their tours and points of interest along the walking tour, as well as precise directions to the neighborhood via public transportation; exact addresses of the places discussed; a general history of the area; individual histories of important structures; interviews with people in neighborhood institutions, and over a dozen historical and contemporary images for each neighborhood.

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Status: Active

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