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Journalism School Case Studies

Partner(s): Knight Case Studies Initiative - School of Journalism

The Knight Case Studies Initiative at the Journalism School collaborated with CCNMTL to create multimedia case studies, which cover a range of topics confronting modern news organizations. The case studies are used in Professor Michael Shapiro's graduate journalism course, Decision Making in the Newsroom, to prepare students for the complexity of real-life decisions they will likely face during their careers in journalism. Each case requires students to put themselves in the shoes of editors, publishers, and reporters and to grapple with a wide range of editorial, ethical, and economic issues. Components of some case studies are slowly revealed in class, thus stimulating the actual situation and the stressful decision points that unfold with it. The case study initiative aims to develop journalism students' analytic, decision-making, management, and leadership skills by adding case-based learning to traditional journalism instruction.

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