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Project Rebirth

Partner(s): Faculty and Instructors - Georgetown University, Columbia University, and Project Rebirth

The Project Rebirth educational initiative aims to help students better understand the many dimensions of trauma and recovery following September 11, 2001. The initiative provides faculty partners from Columbia University and Georgetown University with access to hundreds of hours of footage from Project Rebirth, a documentary by filmmaker Jim Whitaker that chronicles the stories of 10 people deeply affected by the attacks on the World Trade Center, including extensive footage of interviews as well as the rebuilding of the site.

Using VITAL (Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning), CCNMTL's video analysis tool, faculty and students from a range of fields—including clinical psychology, social work, business, architecture, English, and film—can view the Rebirth footage in a secure, web-based environment that supports managing and annotating video content. Through the project, the academic community can capitalize on the power of close viewing and observation to engage in thoughtful study, and the material can be used to train professionals to better understand and respond to the broad impacts of traumatic events on our world.

Access: Protected
Status: Active

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