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Dental Materials

Partner(s): Dr. Richard Lichtenthal - College of Dental Medicine

Dental Materials is an online course used by students attending New York State Dental Center (NYSADC) institutions, which includes Columbia University, SUNY Buffalo, the University of Rochester Medical Center, New York University, and Stony Brook University. Funded by a grant from the New York State Dental Foundation, this course website offers students 33 self-paced modules on the properties of various dental materials and the ways in which they interact with the oral environment. Each module feature videos and animations of tooth restorations and materials to be used in dentals materials courses in the participating schools.

Dental Materials was developed by a collaborative team of representatives from the involved NYSADC universities. CCNMTL partnered with Dr. Richard Lichtenthal from Columbia University College of Dental Medicine to help the NYSADC team design the template for the course site and provide content, design, and development support to the team.

Access: Private
Status: Active

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