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Inclusive Classrooms Project

Partner(s): Celia Oyler and Britt Hamre - Teachers College

The Inclusive Classrooms Project website supports K-12 teachers striving to make their classrooms and their practices more accessible for all students, including those commonly left out of traditional classroom environments. The website features the first-person stories of practicing New York City teachers who enacted inclusive practices, as well as lesson plans, readings, and videos.

The Inclusive Classrooms Project is grounded in the understanding that all students can participate in the general education curriculum when provided with appropriate supports and services and that teachers need to develop the skills and dispositions that address each and every learner. To develop the website's content, Celia Oyler and Britt Hamre of Teachers College led teams of practicing teachers convened around eight Spotlight Instructional Inquiry-Action practices. The teams selected classroom-ready materials based on research and their own teaching experiences. The website is also used as part of the curriculum for Teachers College students.

The project is part of a Phase One 2010-2011 Special Education Reform strategic partnership between the Teachers College Inclusive Classroom Project (TCICP) and the NYC Department of Education.

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