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Mapping Yiddish Theater

Partner(s): Jeremy Dauber, Alyssa Quint, Nancy Friedland - Germanic Languages, Columbia University Libraries

Mapping Yiddish Theater is a unique collection of information and artifacts that illuminate theaters, productions, and persons connected to Yiddish theater in New York City. The project represents a working collaboration between CCNMTL, Columbia University Libraries, faculty partners, and a range of students at Columbia -- all in support of close study of Yiddish language and cultural history.

The project features a range of digitized materials that support multimedia study of this vibrant history and its later influence, in some cases contributed by New York City cultural institutions. Supervised by faculty at Columbia, graduate and undergraduate students will enrich the collection as they study it, through the contribution of items such as theater histories, scene translations, biographies, and document analyses.

Access: Protected
Status: Development

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