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Pediatric Healthcare Financing & Delivery Website

Partner(s): Burton L. Edelstein
Joseph McManus
Courtney Chinn
June Levine
Emily Alspector - College of Dental Medicine

Pediatric Oral Healthcare Financing & Delivery is a website developed by the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) in partnership with the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine. The site includes materials from the Pediatric Oral Healthcare Financing & Delivery for Vulnerable & Underserved U.S. Children training program for pediatric dental residents.

Pediatric Oral Healthcare Financing & Delivery was created for students, residents and other dental professionals in order to encourage them to think about their work and how it can benefit the care of underserved children. In addition to developing the website, CCNMTL filmed the original training sessions and interviewed the presenters who discussed their training objectives, curriculum, and thoughts about the future.

This website is funded by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration and is open to the public.

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