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Urban Table: The Food Movement Serving NYC

Partner(s): Dr. Erin Hasinoff - Museum Anthropology

Museum Anthropology MA students in Dr. Erin Hasinoff's Exhibitions: Practical Considerations (offered in Spring 2015) explored some of the organizations and people that share the responsibility of nourishing New York City. Through independent fieldwork, Hasinoff's students had the opportunity to volunteer for and write about some food justice organizations that together are making the urban foodshed more democratic, ethical, and sustainable.

As an outcome of their ethnographic research, readings in food studies, and class discussions, students developed an online exhibition about New York City's food justice movement. Urban Table: The Food Movement Serving NYC showcases the activities of community gardens, farms, apiaries, CSAs, farmers' markets, food cooperatives, soup kitchens, food banks, and restaurant workers' associations in bringing food to New Yorkers' tables, alleviating social inequalities, and creating alternatives to the dominant food system.

To learn more about this project read In Conversation: A Collaborative Online Exhibition for NYC Food Justice with Professor Erin Hasinoff written by CCNMTL educational technologist Paul Joseph Stengel.

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Status: Active

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