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Learning With MOOCS II - 2015

Partner(s): Center for Teaching & Learning -

LEARNING WITH MOOCS II gathered educators, technologists, researchers, learning scientists, entrepreneurs, and funders of MOOCs to share their innovations, discuss their impact on education, and look at the future of online learning.

Online learning is a global phenomenon -- with innovations across content creation, delivery, feedback, assessment, and other aspects of knowledge delivery and the learning process. The excitement of MOOCs has revolved around a design for access and scale. It is now focusing on the design for learning.

Keynote speakers at conference were (in order of appearance) George Siemens, Mike Sharples, Eric Foner, Stephanie McCurry, Alice Kessler-Harris, Fiona Hollands, Anant Agarwal, Ajay Kapur, Andreina Parisi-Amon, Greg Bybee, Shigeru Miyagawa, and Al Filreis.

General Chairs: Maurice Matiz, CTL, Columbia University; Peter B. Kaufman, CTL, Columbia University; George Schuessler, Teachers College, Columbia University

Program Chairs: Ryan Baker, Learning Analytics, Teachers College; Dragan Gasevic, University of Edinburgh; Elle Yuan Wang, Teachers College, Columbia University

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