This project was created in the Summer of 2002 as an outgrowth of an on-going collaboration between the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning (CCNMTL) and Professor Dave Krantz and Jennifer Phillips (International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, IRI). That project, in turn, grew out of an IRI seed grant “Improving Comprehension and Application of Seasonal Climate Forecasts: Workshop Curricula for Intermediary Users”. All three projects are strongly related and focus on developing materials to help decision makers handle uncertainty in the decision process.

Faculty Producer
Jennifer Phillips

Executive Producers
Frank Moretti
Maurice Matiz

Project Manager
Cynthia Lawson

Content production
Jennifer Phillips
Tahl Kestin
Brad Lyon
Michael Bell
Galith Marcus (Hydro-Management on Lake Chicamba in Mozambique case study)

Technology Development & Production
Cynthia Lawson
Zuo Jing

Quality Assurance
Brian O'Hagan