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§ Select-A-Point Page
The map on the page is a topographic map.

What would you like to do?

Get help on using the select-a-point page and interpreting the climatology plots
> Click on the "Help" button (at the lower left of the plot).

View the climatology at a particular location
>Click on any location on the map over land to produce a "pop-up" window that displays the monthly climatology (for the period 1961–1990) of precipitation, temperature, wet-day frequency, and ground-frost frequency for that location.

Zoom onto a particular region
This function can help you choose points more accurately. You have three options for zooming:
> Edit the longitude coordinates (on the left of the map) and the latitude coordinates (below the map) to change the boundaries of the map. Use "W" to indicate "west", "E" to indicate "east", "N" to indicate "north", and "S" to indicate "south".
> Click on the "Redraw" button on the lower-left side of the plot to apply the changes.
> Click on the "Click for Info" button to the left of the map to show a menu of zooming options. The options "x2" and "x4" zoom in and the options "x1/2" and "x1/4" zoom out
> Click on the zoom level you would like.
> Click on any point on the map that interests you. This action will bring up a zoomed map centered over the point you clicked.
> Click on a continent or region of you choice in the navigation bar under the "Select a Point" heading.