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§ IRI Net Assessment Forecasts
Below the explanation at the top of the page (which you should read) there is a table with links to the most recent forecasts (forecasts are updated monthly). The forecasts in the table are organized by regions of the globe and by three-month seasons; "Precip." refers to precipitation and "Temp." to temperature forecasts.
> Click on a link to a temperature or precipitation forecast in the region and season that interest you.

§ Forecast Map
The forecast map you see gives you the likelihood that temperature or precipitation (depending on what you clicked) will be above-normal, near-normal, or below-normal in the season you chose.

What would you like to do?

Read about how to read and interpret the regional forecast
> Click on the "Discussion" link at the top left-hand corner of the page.

§ Climate Outlook Discussion Page
Here you will find a discussion on how to read the forecast plot (look under the heading "Methods", as well as on how to interpret the forecast. Down the bottom you can find links to maps of the actual temperature or precipitation values that form the boundaries of the forecast categories.

See the forecast for any particular location
> Click on any point on the map to get the forecast for that location.

§ Select-A-Point Forecast Pop-Up
This pop-up shows you the forecast likelihood of all three terciles in the location you chose, for both precipitation and temperature.

View the monthly climatology for the forecast location
> Click on "Climatology", which is under "Local" on the navigation bar of the pop-up window.

§ Climatology Selection Pop-up
> Click on "Monthly", which is under "Climatology" on the navigation bar of the pop-up window.

§ Monthly Climatology Pop-up
This page shows you all of the available monthly climatologies for your chosen location: precipitation, temperature, wet-day frequency, and ground-frost frequency.