Strategies for Use

The Major Minor Mini Course is designed to be flexible, allowing different users to employ different strategies. The point of the training environments is to be able to hear the difference between major and minor keys; this skill is developed in the sixth training environment.

If you have substantial musical background, you may wish to start with that trainer; if you are successful with the sixth trainer there is no need to make further use of the mini-course, though the seventh lesson may be of some interest. You may also wish to try the sixth trainer occasionally while you are working your way through the rest of the mini course; if at any time you can use the sixth trainer successfully (that is, if you answer at least nine out of the last ten correctly) then there is no need to continue with the mini course. Some users may prefer to start at the beginning and work their way through the lessons and trainers in order. The mini-course is structured for these users, and it should be easy to use in this way. If you prefer a more freewheeling approach, however, you should feel free to interact with the environments as you choose.

Although the training environments give you feedback on how many answers have been correct out of the last ten, it is best to avoid a test-taking mindset when using them. Take your time with each sample, using the hint buttons if that helps you. If you had any doubt about whether your answer was correct, and especially if you answer was wrong, listen to the sample again after you give your answer. Before you go on to the next sample, replay the current sample. This is the part of the training experience which will be most helpful in your learning to hear the difference between major and minor; if you move on to the next sample too quickly you will learn much more slowly.

Finally, remember that the trainers are most effective when use a little at a time. Especially at the beginning, you may get discouraged if your score doesn't improve quickly. If you find yourself getting frustrated, stop and come back later. The counter for the number of trials is purely for your own information; you can use the trainer for as few or as many trials as you choose. You much decide for yourself when to end each session.