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To begin your search, type in few words or phrases. Example:

albert einstein

Select the location of your search. You can either search all of the annotations and references or all the chapters of the main text of Frontiers of Science.

This search engine will look for and return results containing the word albert and einstein.

The search terms in lowercase will match words in any case and when query with capitalization is made, the returned results will be more specific. For example, einstein will yield results for einstein and Einstein, whereas a query for Einstein will only match Einstein.

You can also search specific phrases by using double quotation marks:

"albert einstein"

Results returned are documents that contain those words which appear adjacent to each other. You can separate multiple phrases or proper names with a comma: e.g. relativity, "albert einstein"

Searching the chapters of the main text:
If you choose to search the chapers of the main text, the search engine will return all chapters that contain the query terms ranked by relevance. To search a specific term in the body of the selected chapter:

  1. Click on the main text frame
  2. From the "Edit" menu, choose "Find in Page" (shortcut: Command-F for Mac OS; Ctrl-F for Windows
  3. Type the term you want to find
  4. Click "Find"

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