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Paragraph Glosses:

Behind the universal sign for information, are notes that deal with a subtext of a particular paragraph, or 'chapter' as it is usually referred to in Res Gestae scholarship, essentially allowing for commentary on a whole paragraph without underlining the entire text of the paragraph as a link. Often behind the paragraph gloss will be primary sources, such as Dio Cassius or secondary sources such as modern commentary, relevant to material from the specific paragraph you were reading.


Underlined and colored words in the Res Gestae are linked to annotations which are to be read in the left hand window.

Includes information or biographies of fictional characters and historical figures
Includes explanations of ruins, mostly taken from L. Richardson's A New Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome
Explanatory Notes
To explain unfamiliar concepts and facts using adaptations mostly from The Oxford Classical Dictionary
Sentence Notes
The sentence notes from the 1967 Oxford University Press edition of Res Gestae edited by P.A. Brunt and J.M Moore have been transferred to the hypertext medium behind the blue sentence numbers
An index of all pictures available

Annotation Window

The textual definitions in the smaller annotation window may also have sub-pages offering multimedia such as primary and secondary text excerpts, relevant websites for further research, and offline resources for further reading.

note - the textual annotation

resources - pertinent web sites and offline resources for further reading

media - including textual excerpts from ancient and modern writers

keywords - inks to annotations associated with the current annotation

If you come to an annotation from another annotation, this function will allow you to autoscroll the spine text to any chapter in which the annotation appears.

Supplemental Material

Latin Text: The original latin text as edited by Brunt and Moore.

Brunt's Intro: The entire text of Brunt and Moore's 15 page introduction.

Ancient Authors and Commentary: Provides the user with the non-contextual index of primary and secondary sources for further reading. These are presented as excerpts with all bibliographical and source material noted, although they are themselves not annotated. A list of reading materials for offline viewing is also included.

In Res Gestae Divi Augustus, the paragraphs correspond to chapters in the original document. This function allows you to autoscroll the spine text to any chapter you enter into the input field. After you type in your chapter number from 1-35, press <Enter> key.


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