Amin, Idi

born 1924/25, Koboko, Uganda

Ugandan military ruler (1971-79). From the small Kakwa ethnic group, he advanced in the Ugandan armed forces from private (1946) to commander in chief (1966). Toppling the regime of Milton Obote (1971) Amin established dictatorial control. He exhibited an unpredictable personality, ordering the expulsion of Uganda's Asians (1972), thrusting the nation into economic chaos. Amin, a Muslim, angered Israel and Western powers by strengthening ties with Libya and other Arab nations. Amin brutally suppressed other ethnic groups and political enemies, killing an estimated 200,000 during his regime. Tanzanian troops joined Ugandan nationalists to invade Uganda in 1978. Amin was driven into exile in Saudi Arabia, Apr., 1979.

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