News Simulation: A Fire Scenario CCNMTL
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Fire Resources
Fire Checklist
Freeport Fire Codes
Reporter's Tools
Mobile Phone
Digital Audio Recorder
Digital Camera
Freeport City Map
Reporter's Checklist and Notebook
Personal Computer
Background Reading
Journalism Primer
The Police Beat
Fire Coverage
Useful Math for Reporters
Grammar for Journalists
Math and Grammar Quiz
Writing the Story


Once you've gathered the facts and organized them, the lead and the story will follow naturally. As you write, remember to use active, powerful verbs. Don't write fire burned the building, when in fact fire gutted the building.

Write clean, concise and correct copy. Use dramatic quotes. Find statistics that will help tell your story and put an event, such as a fire, into a broader context. Help the reader understand how this fire fits into the bigger picture.

Tell a story that the people of Freeport will want to hear and need to know. Check your facts. But make your deadline.

When you are ready to file your story select the name of your instructor from the list below.

-John Pavlik

-Sig Gissler

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