In the summer of 1910, Roald Amundsen decided to make an attempt for the South Pole. Originally he planned to sail to the North Pole, but when Perry reached the North Pole in 1909 Amundsen turned his efforts to the South. Not until the Fram reached Madiera, in September 1910, did Amundsen make known his intentions for the South Pole. Amundsen arrived to the Bay of Whales by January 1911. He decided upon the Bay of Whales since its location is 60 miles closer to the Pole than Scott’s base at Cape Evans. On October 19 Amundsen and his four companions departed for the Pole. The four light sledges, each pulled by 13 dogs proved to be an asset to Amundsen’s expedition allowing his crew to reach the South Pole by December 14th. Thirty-nine days later the 5 men and 11 dogs returned to base camp.


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