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  CCNMTL and New Technologies: RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds deliver the news you want

RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) is an XML-based format that allows Web sites to broadcast their content, allowing you to keep up to date with current news from your favorite Web sites via news readers or Web logs (blogs). An RSS feed usually consist of a headline and short summary of the update that links back to the site, where you can read about that news item in more detail.

What's the benefit of RSS?

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Learn more about RSS (from Google)
Some RSS Readers (from Google)

Subscribing to an RSS feed can free you from having to browse to individual Web sites to see whether there is new information or not. With RSS, a site can "feed" new information directly to you whenever there is new content to share.

With RSS, new information is automatically delivered directly to you. You can control which sites you want to subscribe to; you can cancel them at any time.

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to our RSS feed, you'll need a news reader (or "aggregator"). You can download and install a stand-alone news reader that compiles news feeds from different Web sites. Web-based news readers like My Yahoo! or Feedster allow users to add RSS feeds directly to their personal pages. (Here are some News Readers you might like to check out, courtesy of Google.) Browsers like Firefox are beginning to build RSS-capabilities as built-in features.


CCNMTL offers an RSS-feed so you can keep our announcements, press releases, and events information at your fingertips. Our feeds include headlines and summaries that link back to the CCNMTL Web site.

To add CCNMTL's feed to your reader, follow your news reader's instructions and copy the following link into the subscription box:


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