About the Sonic Glossary

The Sonic Glossary is an innovative teaching tool for music appreciation. It assumes no musical training on the part of the user. It defines musical terms by combining text, voice, pictures, graphic images, and musical sound in creative ways, delivering them in high-quality audio for private study. The Sonic Glossary does not replace classroom teaching: at Columbia University Music Humanities is taught by small-group discussion, which the Sonic Glossary reinforces and amplifies.

The Sonic Glossary is available to Columbia students over the campus network. Definitions are written by the teaching staff of Music Humanities, sound is recorded and mixed by the Computer Music Center, and the illustrations and animations are generated at the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, who also compiles the finished components and releases on the Web.

Sonic Glossary


Project leads: Ian Bent, Bender Professor Emeritus Music and A. Maurice Matiz, Vice Executive Director, CCNMTL
Concept: Michael von der Linn
Entry Authors and Contibutors: Ian Bent, Jason Eckardt, Walter Frisch, Maryam Moshaver, Thomas Payne, Leeman Perkins, Annalisa Poirel, Elaine Sisman, Matthew Suttor, Michael Von der Linn
Narration: Thomas Payne, Annalisa Poirel, Ian Bent, Mark Burford
Technology and Design: A. Maurice Matiz; Cristian Pablo Rivano, Interns: Kjell Carlsson, M. Jason Severs
Recording and Mixing: Bradford Garton, Christopher Bailey, Douglas Geers, Terry Pender

Copyright © Columbia University, 1998-2005


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