Tucker Harding

Tucker Harding
Senior Educational Technologist
212 854-1852
603 Lewisohn Hall

Tucker joined CCNMTL in September 2006 after spending five years consulting in the Chinese telecom industry. Prior, he was an investigator for a detective agency in Boston, a job he started after completing officer training in the Marine Corps. Tucker completed his undergraduate degree at Bates College studying East Asian languages and cultures in a program that led him to Japan and China. Before starting at Bates he lived and studied at a boarding high school in the Indian Himalayas.

Now a doctoral candidate in communication and education at Columbia, he manages the creation, use, and evaluation of computer-based educational simulations for improving teaching and learning of complex phenomena. His work can be found at Columbia's School of Public Health and the School of International and Public Affairs, where he also co-teaches the course, Prevention of Mass Killing and Genocide. He also manages educational technology projects for the Columbia Business School, the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, and Barnard College.

Tucker speaks Mandarin Chinese, is a frequent presenter at academic and professional conferences, and consults on a variety of education-related projects in North America, Africa, and Asia. He has worked with the US Department of State, US Institute of Peace, the UN, and continues to work with early warning training programs for sub-regional organizations in Africa.