NME 2006

Panel 3: New Technologies Serving Educational Goals

Panel Convener: John Frankfurt
Panel: Lisa Gordis, Richard Peña, Daniela Noe, Zaheer Ali, Letty Moss-Salentijn


For collaborative technologies, Educational Technologist John Frankfurt presented Robin Kelley's Social Justice wiki followed by Barnard Professor Lisa Gordis, who shared the Reading and Writing Women in Colonial America wiki. Both wikis required the students to engage in collaborative writing projects and post their assignments to the site. For media-rich technologies, Richard Peña from School of the Arts demonstrated the Film Language glossary and how he assigned the site's terms and films clips in his Introduction to Film Studies lecture course. Peña was followed by Daniela Noe LeSassier from the Italian Department who highlighted how immersing students in an all-Italian media site like Caleidoscopio encourages language studies. Finally, for online study spaces, Zaheer Ali gave an overview of The Autobiography of Malcolm X Multimedia Study Environment and how it was used in the spring 2005 lecture course on Malcolm X. Letty Moss-Salentijn and Educational Technologist Michelle Hall gave an overview of the Image Annotation Tool in Moss-Salentijn's histology course at the School of Dental and Oral Surgery.