Session D2:
Next Generation Media Analysis: Introducing MediaThread

Mark Phillipson
3:30 PM - 4:45 PM

This session marked the official debut of a new annotation and collaboration tool called MediaThread. Developed by CCNMTL to help students work with media assets as objects of study, MediaThread supports innovative analysis of multimedia source materials across a range of subjects. During this session, CCNMTL demonstrated how instructors are using MediaThread to more deeply engage students with video and image collections available through Columbia University Libraries, posted on the open web, and custom-assembled for individual classes. MediaThread traces its lineage to CCNMTL's Video Interactions for Teaching and Learning (VITAL) application and, more recently, to tools created for Project Vietnam, a collaboration between CCNMTL and WGBH. MediaThread is an open source project and has been marked for potential adoption by other institutions. In early October, MediaThread was previewed at the Open Video Conference in New York, receiving numerous accolades.

About the presenter: Mark Phillipson is a senior program specialist leading the Digital Bridges Initiative. His variegated background helps him facilitate new partnership opportunities for CCNMTL, faculty, and library services. FULL BIO

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