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March 2003

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  • Sunday, March 2 at 1pm (Casa Italiana) : "A Matter For Us" - Post Colonial Nations and Color Lines  
    "The Emergency, too, had a white part -- public, visibly documented, a matter for historians -- and a black part, which, being secret macabre untold, must be a matter for us."
    The multiple international significance of the color line in formerly colonized nations & its personal and political meanings are discussed by three experts on the politics of race and language and colonial culture studies.
    Patricia Williams, Gauri Viswanathan, Manning Marable Moderated by Leonard Lopate
  • Tuesday, March 4 at 7pm (Riverside Church) : The Colonial Context of Midnight's Children  
    Nicholas Dirks
  • Wednesday, March 5 at 7pm (Casa Italiana) : Dialogue with Edward Said, Moderated by Akeel Bilgrami    SOLD OUT
    Co-sponsored by The Student Governing Board of Earl Hall
  • Thursday, March 6 at 7pm (Riverside Church) : Teach-In on Thirty Years of Indian and Pakistani History: A Tryst with Destiny  
    Speaker: Aamir Mufti
  • Thursday, March 6 at 7pm (Riverside Church) : Teach-In on Thirty Years of Indian and Pakistani History: A Tryst with Destiny  
    Speaker: Gyan Pandey
    "On the same day, Earl Mountbatten of Burma held a press conference at which he announced the Partition of India, and hung his countdown calendar on the wall: seventy days to go to the transfer of power...sixty-nine...sixty-eight...tick, tock."
  • Friday, March 7 at 7pm (Casa Italiana) : Writers and Oppression  
    Writers concerned with the issue of literary and intellectual freedom, including International Parliament of Writers President Russell Banks, debate their views.
    Coco Fusco, Eduardo Machado, Michael Scammell, Russell Banks
  • Saturday, March 8 at 1pm (Riverside Church) : South Asia, Salman Rushdie and the Media  
    Journalists and cultural commentators examine the development of the image of South Asians and South Asia in the American media, both before, during and after the "Rushdie Affair."
    Todd Gitlin, Sreenath Sreenivasan, Tunku Varadarajan, Mahnaz Fancy Moderated by Sreenath Sreenivasan
  • Sunday, March 9 at 1pm (Casa Italiana) : Religion and Politics  
    "Note that, despite my Muslim background, I'm enough of a Bombayite to be well up on Hindu stories."
    Participants with expertise in the faiths of the Middle East and South Asia talk about religion's inextricable ties to politics.
    Amaney Jamal, Rachel McDermott, E. Valentine Daniel Moderated by Peter Awn
  • Sunday, March 9 at 3:30pm (Casa Italiana) : Bombay - The Power of Place and the Idea of the City  
    "Our Bombay, Padma!...The city grew at breakneck speed, acquiring a cathedral and an equestrian statue of the Mahratta warrior-king Sivaji which (we used to think) came to life at night and galloped awesomely through the city streets -- right along Marine drive!"
    The centrality of Bombay in the novel Midnight's Children inspires a discussion about the dynamic power of a world city that is as palpable in the imagination as it is in reality.
    Gyan Prakash, Janaki Bakhle, Homi Bhabha Moderated by Nicholas Dirks
  • Tuesday, March 11 at 7pm (Riverside Church) : Teach-In on Thirty Years of Indian and Pakistani History: Bangladesh  
    Gowher Rizvi, Tariq Banuri
  • Wednesday, March 12 at 7pm (Miller Theatre) : Writers' Roundtable  
    Writers read from their work and discuss ideas and genres related to Salman Rushdie's fiction, such as magic realism, non-linear narrative, and the relationship between film and the novel.
    Michael Cunningham, Vikram Chandra, Farzana Moon, Neil Bissoondath Moderated by Jayme Koszyn.
  • Thursday, March 13 at 7pm (Riverside Church) : Teach-In on Thirty Years of Indian and Pakistani History: A State of Emergency - CANCELLED If you purchased tickets for this event, please contact the Miller Theatre Box Office for refunds.
  • Monday, March 17 at 6:30pm (Asia Society) : Midnight's Children: Musings of the Past/Envisioning the Future  
    This inter-generational panel of South Asians will include those who were involved in the independence movement of India and the founding of Pakistan. Panelists will discuss the history and legacy of these movements and their impact on local and global communities.
    For a complete list of speakers and further information
    call 212-517-ASIA.
  • Saturday, March 22 at 1:30pm (Altschul Auditorium) :
    Interview with Salman Rushdie & President Lee Bollinger
        SOLD OUT
    "I believe it is the responsibility of great universities to support the arts. This unparalleled partnership between Columbia, the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Apollo Theater will yield a unique educational, artistic and community event."
    -Lee Bollinger, President, Columbia University
  • Saturday, March 22 at 3:30pm (Altschul Auditorium) : From Novel to Dramatic Presentation   SOLD OUT
    Members of the creative team who adapted the Midnight's Children discuss the journey from the novel to the stage.
    Salman Rushdie, Simon Reade
  • Monday, March 24, 6-8pm (LeRoy Neiman Gallery) : The Broken Mirror: The Midnight's Children Exhibition Opening  
    The Midnight's Children Humanities Festival hosts a visual arts exhibition, curated by Chitra Ganesh and featuring the work of Rina Banerjee and Yuken Teruya. The Broken Mirror will present paintings, sculpture, and installations by eight contemporary artists from South Asia and the United States who investigate the relationship between history and myth. March 24th - April 5th
  • Tuesday, March 25 at 7pm (Riverside Church) : India and Pakistan: Culture and Society  
    The intersection amongst diverse aspects of South Asian society is addressed by a cross-disciplinary group of experts on India and Pakistan.
    Anupama Rao, Arvind Rajagopal, Syed Nauman Naqvi Moderated by Leonard Lopate
  • Wednesday, March 26 at 7pm (Black Box Theatre in Alfred Lerner Hall) : Open Table Rehearsal    SOLD OUT
  • Wednesday, March 26 at 9pm (Black Box Theatre in Alfred Lerner Hall) : Open Table Rehearsal - CANCELLED
    Royal Shakespeare Company cast members reveal the process of working on a scene from the play.
    Midnight's Children cast members Zubin Varla, Syreeta Kumar, Selva Rasalingam, Anjali Jay and Assistant Director/Live Music Director Aileen Gonsalvez. Co-Sponsored by the Columbia University South Asian Students Association.

  • Thursday, March 27 at 7pm (Miller Theatre) : High Art and Low Art - The Mix of Language and Class in Literature  
    "I do not believe in high art, Mian Sahib. Now art must be beyond categories; my poetry and oh the game of hit-the-spittoon are equals."
    Two cultural commentators, a Shakespearean, and a scholar on Yiddish language look at the way contemporary and historical writers have mediated between the high and the low.
    John Rockwell, Jim Shapiro, Jeremy Dauber, Margo Jefferson
  • Sunday, March 30 at 7pm (Miller Theatre) : The Performed Novel  
    Actors read passages from Midnight's Children.