prevalence of rape during slavery

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The sexual exploitation of women during slavery was a consequence of the objectification. Since they had already been reduced to the status of property rather than human beings white slave masters so no reason to respect their bodies. Secondly, the fact that Black women were lucrative in the fact that they produced the workforce for years to come. Conceivably, a master could pay $300 for one woman and produce 3 males worth $500. Therefore, aside from the sexual gratification masters had a vested interest in the Black woman's body.Thirdly, the sexual assault of the Black woman contributed to the psychological domination and subjugation of all slaves. Black men were immediately emasculated at the idea of not being able to protect his wife from the advances of his worst enemy.The devaluing of Black women's bodies was encouraged concomitantly with the elevation of the status of white women. Black women could only be reduced to sexual property if white women were "hoisted on a pedestal so high that she was beyond the sensual reach of her own husband (43)." White women were duped into permitting adultery by accepting their false elevation.