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. . ."the files which every state and rederal prison keeps on the conversion of Negro inmates by the teachings of Elijah Muhammad"

The FBI became interested in the Nation of Islam because of its significance within the Black community, especially those incarcerated in prison. "Hoover and other Bureau (Federal Bureau of Investigation) officials saw the group as one of many types of subversive Black militancy." Furthermore, "the nation's potential as a stimulus for revolutionary and seditious activities became evident to the FBI mainly as a result of the increasing prominence of Malcolm X and the increasing militancy and scale of Black protests (Haddad, 139)."Those members of the Nations of Islam that are incarcerated in federal prisons drew special attention from officials. Prisoners were particularly amenable to the preachings of the Nation because of their particular experience with Whites in general and the racist criminal justice system in particular. According to Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad, "Muslim organizations such as the Nation of Islam have been treated as cults, or suspect and dangerous groups, partly because of the perception that Muslims teach racial hatred." It is most likely due to this discrimination that "African American Muslim inmates have been responsible in large part for establishing prisoners rights to worship (139)."