Abolitionist Anti-Slavery Society of New England

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Founded in 1832 by outspoken abolitionist and journalist William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879), The Abolitionist Anti-Slavery Society of New England (AASSONE) was the first abolitionist society in the country to advocate immediate emancipation. The AASSONE publicly condemned slavery, called for the immediate emancipation of slaves, and formulated plans for incorporating the freedmen into American society. The AASSONE is the predecessor to the American Anti-Slavery Society, which was founded in 1833. These societies sent out lecturers to preach the antislavery message in the North. They also sponsored meetings, sent antislavery petitions to Congress as well as publishing journals and other propaganda. Members of these societies were mainly from religious circles as well as members of the free Black community. The group split in 1839 over the radical direction it was beginning to take. The less radical faction evolved into the American and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society, which evolved into the Liberty Party in 1840. The American Anti-Slavery Society officially dissolved in 1870 with the end of the Civil War.