W. D. Fard

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Wallace D. Fard's "origins are somewhat mysterious, though it seems likely that he was previously involved with both [Marcus} Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and Drew Ali's Moorish Science Temple. Fard claimed to be of the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad and (in some circles) is regarded as the physical manifestation of Allah..is universally regarded as the founder of the Nation of Islam. Fard authored two manuals, The Secret Ritual of the Nation of Islam, and the coded Teaching for a Lost-Found Nation of Islam in a Mathematical Way which only a few people are able to decipher. He also was instrumental in establishing the University of Islam, The Muslim Girls Training Corps (a center that teaches females to follow the tents of proper Muslim womanhood), and the Fruit of Islam (militaristic unit that served as bodyguard (security and enforced the laws of the Nation of Islam). Fard mysteriously disappeared in 1934.