Fruit of Islam

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The Fruit of Islam has been described as a "military" organization formed from the collective male population of the Nation. Its functions are to protect the Nation and its nationals ("100% protection of everything in the Nation from the pin to the Temple and the all the nationals and even the doorknob on the doors of the Temple."). Muslims frequently find the description of the F.O.I. as a "military organization" problematic because it doesn't address the ideological or practical functions of the organization. They are enjoined from carrying weapons and still follow the Muslim doctrine of peacefulness - unless provoked. Members of the F.O.I. enjoy a certain amount of prestige within the Nation since they are regarded as protectors of the interests of the Nation as well as the dignity of Black womanhood.There was a similar organization for women in the Nation called the Muslim Girls' Training and General Civilization Class, which taught young Muslim women "how to keep house, how to rear children, how to take care of their husband, sew, cook, and in general, how to act at home and abroad." They are also taught reading, writing, and history.Both organizations have subdivided into the Sick Committee and the Poor Committee. Those members on the Sick Committee look after those in the Nation that may be sick. Those on the Poor Committee investigate the conditions of the poor or unemployed members and make recommendations on how they can be helped.These two organizations embody the ideology of Black nationalism. Through education and training these men and women are made into model citizens primarily concerned with the uplift of the Black community as a whole.