New York Temple No. 7

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Temples, mosques or masjids are the various names used for Islamic houses of worship. Temple number seven, was located on Lenox Avenue in Harlem, New York. Malcolm X was appointed head minister there in June of 1954 and used themes of Black Nationalism in religious sermons, special events and the within the structure itself. When new members and visitors entered the temple, they were thoroughly searched before entering a large room where women sat on the right and men on the left. Every temple contained a blackboard on which two statements were written: "Christianity equals Slavery, Suffering and Death," and "Islam equals Freedom, Justice and Equality. Which One Shall Survive the War of Armageddon?" [Evanzz, p. 45-48]. Immediately after Malcolm's assassination, Temple Number Seven was burned down. It was later rebuilt, and renamed the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque by Wallace Muhammad, successor to the NOI leadership of his father, Elijah Muhammad.