Welcome to the Quantitative Method in the Social Sciences e-lessons. These interactive lessons are designed to provide users with an understanding of fundamental issues common to all data-based social sciences and to specific statistical tools used in analysis and research. Each lesson incorporates both theory and practice by combining foundational elements for understanding the topic with examples and exercises drawn from real-life applications.

These lessons are designed for users with a variety of backgrounds. For those with little experience in the social sciences, we recommend proceeding through the lessons in order, beginning with Measurement and working through each lesson completely before moving on to the next. Those users who have some experience with the social sciences or statistics might prefer to use these lessons to refresh their knowledge or further enhance their understanding of a particular issue or statistical tool.

We hope these e-lessons are both helpful and easy to use and invite your comments through feedback.

QMSS e-Lessons iBook

An experimental iPad iBooks version of the QMSS e-Lessons is available for download (now with LaTex equations):

QMSS e-Lessons (ibook format, v.1.0, rel 2012-11-01)

Instructions: download file (right click or control click), then import the file into iTunes (by dragging it to the iTunes window). Using iTunes, sync the book to an iPad. The iBooks app and iOS 5 is required for access.