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1. Discovery 2. Design and Development 3. Deployment 4. Communication

Cases: 2. Design and Development

With an initial curricular understanding and identifying the problems and challenges, the DR process focuses on the design and development hypotheses. How can technology be used to facilitate learning? We work with faculty to articulate and identify new media solutions to enhance the educational experience. These conversations inform the design and development of the educational experience and determine the content, activities, and interactions that constitute the learning environment.

Design: Masivukeni

Design: Masivukeni The CCNMTL team worked with Dr. Remien's team, researchers from the University of Cape Town, and counselors and nurses at the Hout Bay clinic over a period of six months. The research period kicked off with a two week visit...

Design: Millennium Village Simulation

Design: Millennium Village Simulation The CCNMTL team spent several months working with Jeff Sachs’ team of doctoral students on the design phase of the Millennium Village Simulation. Take a look at the images and captions below to get some impressions about how the design...