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Design Research at CCNMTL

Design Research integrates the exploration and development of digital technologies with pedagogical theory and practice. CCNMTL rejects the long-standing division between theory-oriented educational research and service-oriented technical support and development. We seek to combine research and practice in a process that can best be summarized with a simple phrase: "build to learn."


Article on Country X Published in Simulation & Gaming

An article co-authored by Tucker Harding, a senior educational technologist at the Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning, and Mark Whitlock, Coordinator of the Program on the Prevention of Mass Killing at Columbia University’s Center for International Conflict... MORE

CCNMTL Presents Mediathread Data at Columbia Libraries Assessment Forum

Staff from across Columbia University Libraries and Information Systems (CUL/IS) gathered to present posters at the organization’s first assessment and service improvement mini-conference on June 20, 2013. Adrienne Garber and Tucker Harding, both educational technologists at the Columbia Center or... MORE

Virtual Learning Connects Dental Students to the Real World

One year into a project to develop an interactive web tool to help students at the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine make future career decisions, user feedback is providing insight into its positive effects as well as guidance for... MORE

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Recent Publications

Harding, Tucker B. and Mark A. Whitlock. "Leveraging Web-Based Environments for Mass Atrocity Prevention." Simulation & Gaming, 44: 94-117 (2013).

Bossewitch, Jonah and Michael Preston. "Teaching and Learning with Video Annotations Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy." Learning Through Digital Media: Experiments in Technology and Pedagogy, eds. R. Trebor Scholtz, 175-184 New York: The Institute for Distributed Creativity: 2011. <website>

Featured Case

Communication: Brownfield Action
CCNMTL, Professor Bower, and Dr. Cornelia Brunner, an independent evaluation consultant on this project from the Center for Children and Technology, worked in concert to research and develop a set of evaluation instruments that measure the effectiveness of BA as...

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