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1. Discovery 2. Design and Development 3. Deployment 4. Communication

Cases: 1. Discovery

Discovery emphasizes what is going on in the professor's classroom and identifies opportunities for improvements. In analyzing a course's curricular context, questions that emerge during discovery include: What are the new possibilities for learning? How could a digital educational environment serve as a meaningful extension of the already established curricular goals of a given course? What lessons can be learned from the use of digital media for teaching that can be carried over to future curriculum development?

Discovery: Country X

Discovery: Country X The concept behind Country X evolved from early conversations with Professor Aldo Civico who teaches a course on genocide prevention at the Center for International Conflict Resolution (CIRC). Historically, Professor Civico’s course on genocide prevention centered on two curricular phases:...

Discovery: Project Connect

Discovery: Project Connect Working within the design research structure, a CCNMTL team began working with senior researchers of the Social Intervention Group (SIG) at the Columbia University School of Social Work ( SIG is a multidisciplinary research center at the CUSSW that focuses...