(in alphabetical order)

Dan Beeby, Associate Director of Services, CCNMTL

Dan serves the Center for New Media Teaching and Learning as Associate Director for Services and as an Educational Technologist. Primarily, he facilitates faculty partners' projects and works as the Center's representative to the CourseWorks development team. Working with the Center's educational technologists, Dan manages the EnhancED blog and maintains current service offerings (like Edblogs and Wikispaces) and prospects for exciting new online tools.

John H. Coatsworth, Provost, Columbia University

John H. Coatsworth is the Provost of Columbia University, as well as Professor of International and Public Affairs and of History. Provost Coatsworth is a leading scholar of Latin American economic and international history. Previously, he was Dean of the School of International and Public Affairs. Prior to his appointment as Dean in 2008, he served as a visiting professor at Columbia University (2006 - 2007) and Interim Dean of SIPA (2007 - 2008).