New Media in Education 2010: The New Media Classrom

The NME 2010 Conference sought to stimulate a dialogue on pedagogical best practices and the future possibilities of classroom technologies. We aimed for new ideas, innovations, and collaborations to be the outcome for faculty, instructors, librarians, technologists, and other interested individuals who attended the conference, and were pleased to receive positive feedback from conference attendees.

The NME 2010 Conference consisted of four session slots, each slot offering two different topics covering a wide range of topics in seminar format. Conference attendees registered for seminars on an individual basis, and could also attend for an optional lunch. All seminars were recorded and made available on the conference website.

The New Media in Education 2010 Conference was not possible without the contributions from the faculty partners and our staff. We thank the faculty for their willingness to share their classroom experiences and we appreciate the CCNMTL staff for their diligence and immense energy that they bring to the conference.

Frank A. Moretti, Executive Director
A. Maurice Matiz, Vice Executive Director