NME 2006

Workshop A1: An Instructor's Guide to Sakai

Presenters: Dan Beeby, Jonah Bossewitch


Dan Beeby and Jonah Bossewitch provided an overview of Sakai, an open-source course management system that may be deployed at Columbia in the future. Attendees ranged from people who have never heard of Sakai to those who have been deeply involved in evaluating the software for Columbia, including University administrators, librarians, and IT professionals. Dan and Jonah explained Sakai within the context of component architecture and as a community source project to provide a greater sense of the software and its role in pedagogical design and planning.

Download the PowerPoint (584kb).

An Instructor's Guide to Sakai


Posted by: Florian Gnägi at March 2, 2006 4:03 PM

Interresting slides, thanks for sharing them. Have ever worked with the OLAT LMS? OLAT is not very well known in USA since its development originates in Switzerlande. OLAT is also Open Source and has almost the same system architecture as Sakai, however development started in 1999, therefore the system is very mature.

What I have seen from Sakai so far OLAT is much stronger in collaboration and course features. The course runtime environment is based on the ideas of IMS Learning Design, one can apply complex rules to learning content to design an individual learning experience.

Since you seem to have much experience with Sakai I wonder if you have ever compared the two systems side by side, I would be very interrested in your findings!

More info on OLAT: http://www.olat.org

Florian Gnägi