NME 2006

Workshop B2: Podcasting's Role in Education

Presenters: Jonathan Hall, Brian O'Hagan, Steve Cervera (Apple)

Podcasting is the hottest topic among technology-savvy educators. With help from Apple Computer staff, learn what is needed to create and publish podcasts. Examples created at Columbia will also be demonstrated.


This introduction discussed podcasts as applied to educational situations, specifically as a delivery format capable of subscription-based multimedia over the Web.

Steve Cervera from Apple then gave a demo on the simplicity of producing, publishing and receiving both audio and enhanced podcasts using a simple application like PodcastMaker. Also, mentioned was Apple's new podcast tool built into its GarageBand application.

Jonathan and Brian then showed examples produced by CCNMTL, including a version of the Sonic Glossary, Molecular Biology lectures, and film clips from the Film Language Glossary. Following each workshop, question and answer periods were lively and engaging covering topics from additional "how-to" methods, web space, copyright and "fair use".