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Partner(s): Louisa Gilbert - Social Intervention Group, School of Social Work

Women Initiating New Goals for Safety (WINGS) is a self-paced assessment and intervention that seeks to improve safety and encourage healthy relationships among women on probation in community court settings. WINGS is a collaboration between the Social Intervention Group (SIG) at the Columbia School of Social Work and CCNMTL. 

Participants in WINGS are asked to answer a series of questions on a laptop computer about their relationships. The questions encourage the participant to think critically about whether she is safe in her relationship and, if not, be motivated to change. WINGS provides a linear path for a participant to follow through a combination of interactive activities and educational materials, and includes audio and video components that help guide each participant. Take home materials, such as a safety plan and social support strategies, help provide women with tools to prevent intimate partner violence.

WINGS builds on CCNMTL and SIG's previous intervention projects, in particular using elements developed for Multimedia WORTH.

WINGS is funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and is part of a 2-year study to test the efficacy of a self-paced computer model in comparison to a traditional case-worker interview.

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Status: Active

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